Biodegradable Food Containers

Say No to Plastic and Styrofoam

Do you use plastic or Styrofoam food containers? Say no to toxic food containers, they have an adverse effect on the health of your loved ones. These non-biodegradable food containers contaminate your food which is then consumed by your family. For many of us who love eating outside, these toxic to go food containers are our everyday partner. Turn to biodegradable food containers and promise a healthy life to your family.

What makes us a great choice for the food industry?

Our biodegradable to go food containers are a perfect choice for the food industry. We make a great choice for hotels and restaurants, takeaways food stalls, school, college, and other institute based canteens, hospitals, offices, packaged food services, and the list goes on. What makes us the most preferred choice for our customers are as follows:

• Readymade and custom-made products- We provide both OEM and ODM products which makes us a favorite among our customers. For these facilities, we are a choice from large business houses to small enterprises as we have an option for both their requirement.

• Eco-friendly- With increasing problems with the environment we live in, there are stern concerns about our everyday habits. Every responsible business today are taking the initiative to contribute to the environment we live in. this gives them the enthusiasm to use biodegradable products which can easily mix with the environment without leaving behind any toxin

• No health hazards-Food directly comes in contact with the packaging material, therefore it is immensely important to use non-toxic, biodegradable packaging material which does not contaminate the food thus keeping it away from toxins till it reaches the customer.

• Easy to use- Our custom-made products are made according to the requirement of the client which makes it apt for their signature use. Our readymade containers are of industry standards which make it a good option for enterprises as well.

• Durable- Our products are highly durable and can be stored easily for a minimum of two years. They can even be disposed of after use without any worry as all our products are eco-friendly and do not cause any harm to the environment.

Our range of products fulfill every requirement of the food industry as we produce:
• Eco-friendly Plates, cups and bowls
• Eco-friendly food Packaging box
• Eco-friendly cutleries

Therefore, enjoy the benefits of biodegradable to go food containers and help nature to restore its natural goodness!