Wholesale Biodegradable Bags

Save the environment and change to biodegradable bags

Use of plastic bags has been hazardous to human health as well as marine life and is a real threat to the environment. Plastic bags are frequently used for packaging and carrying purposes. The life span of such plastic bags is limited to one use, after which these are exposed to the environment and remain there being non-degradable in nature.

We care for the environment we live in and therefore have come up with biodegradable bags which are as efficient as plastic bags but they are biodegradable in nature.

Why do you use compostable bags?

Compostable bags are a lookalike of plastic bags. They have the carrying capacity just like a plastic bag and are translucent in color. The fact that makes them different from plastic bags is that these are biodegradable in nature. They can be broken down into CO2 and water by microorganisms within a span of six months when disposed of.

Who can use compostable bags?

These compostable bags come in thousands of variations in size and shape which make them a choice for many commercial purpose such as:
• Restaurants
• Retails
• Trash disposal
• Transport catering services
• Other commercial uses

We provide these biodegradable bags in wholesale price that makes them a choice for commercial use.

Compostable bag’s lifecycle

The biodegradable bags are made from compostable materials which are derived from plants. They are highly biodegradable and leave no toxins behind. These are completely natural and are broken into CO2 and water by microorganism on a disposal within six months which makes them environmentally safe.
These bags are green certified which means they are eco-friendly and does not harm the environment at all.

Specifications of compostable bags

The compostable bags come in various size and shapes. There are thousands of SKU’s available of these bags with us. These biodegradable bags in wholesale rate take down the cost of per compost bag to a minimum.

Why Compostable bags are highly recommended and useable for commercial use?

• They are biodegradable and eco-friendly which is essential to save the environment
• Leave no harmful chemicals or toxins while decomposing
• Completely dissolves in nature and is broken into CO2 and water by microorganisms
• Available in wholesale price which makes them suitable for commercial use
• They come in thousands of shapes and sizes which is suitable for packing different products

Incorporate compostable bags for commercial use and join hands towards a healthy environment!