Sustainable Wholesale Products

Use eco-friendly sustainable products for personal and commercial purposes

We offer a range of eco-friendly sustainable wholesale products, which go well with nature and can be incorporated in daily life as substitute for plastic and other harmful materials. Our eco-friendly sustainable products include:
• Silicon toothbrush
• Sustainable cutlery like knife, spoon, and fork
• Non-woven cleaning cloth
• Eco-friendly floor mat

Incorporating biodegradable products in daily life will ensure a healthy environment for all.

Our product specification

• Silicon toothbrush- Unlike a conventional toothbrush, we use silicon to make toothbrush. These toothbrushes are soft and can easily slide on to fingers. They are easy to use & clean and come in a carry case which keeps them away from germs and dust. Due to their compact size, these are a good option during travel as well.

• Sustainable cutlery set- While partying or eating out, we leave a lot of waste which consists mainly of cutleries which are then exposed to nature without the sign of decomposition. We can reduce such waste completely by using sustainable cutleries which are made from plant extracts. These are sustainable products which can be preserved for a longer time.

• Non-woven cleaning cloth- While we wash utensils, we use different dishwashing liquid which leaves behind harmful chemicals which cannot be cleaned easily. We have brought a revolutionary product which is a non-woven cleaning cloth. This product can clean utensils without using any dishwashing liquid. The clothes are completely free of harmful chemicals and are 100% natural.

• Eco-friendly floor mat- Our eco-friendly floor mats are made of natural products such as nylon and other fabrics which are recycled at our factory. These floor mats are more likely to expel dust than other regular mats.

Why use eco-friendly sustainable products?

Longer life of eco-friendly materials make them reusable and thus a preference for repeated use. Incorporate sustainable wholesale products as offered by our company and make the earth a better place to live. Here are a few reasons why you should get your hands on eco-friendly sustainable products:

• Reusable thus produce less waste
• Biodegradable and microorganism friendly
• Do not contaminate food when comes in direct contact with it
• Come in wholesale packs thus easy for commercial use
• Made from plants and natural extracts

Make a healthier choice for you and help the environment to breath clean!